Farenai bench after the start

Farenai bench after the start although there have been two mistakes, but soon into the role and exert their strengths to opponents, which, Mourinho is also very satisfied: "I not only praise but also to thank Fellaini, because of his incredible efforts, he and team for the first time yesterday, co-practice, to play today to help the team. Morata at the opening showed a strong desire to attack, and even jerseys are scraping Manchester United defender torn Barret Jackman Jersey. Each time a Spanish striker appears in the restricted area of ??the Red Devils can create some threat, but his luck has always been worse. Due to Mourinho's conservative tactics Mattias Ekholm Jersey, Lukaku never found too many shots. The stalemate was broken in the second half, the locker room returned foothold Red Devils defensive God repeatedly, and finally let Chelsea seize the opportunity in the 55th minute Viktor Stalberg Jersey, Azipili Quita in the right after no one on the road to interference, a The high quality of the foot pass, Morata header in the unmarked situation crashed into the dead end. This is Morata scored in the first two seasons the first 10 goals, the top five leagues no more than the same period than he into the header more than the header. At the same time it is Azipili Quetta this season to send a fifth assists Morata, the Spanish guard to become the Premier League this season for the same teammates to deliver the most players. Five major league header king Olli Jokinen Jersey, thus imprinted on the "Made in Spain" name.

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